About important changes in Danske Bank services beginning on 1 July 2017

Dear Danske Bank customer,

We value our relationship with you very highly and have set an objective for ourselves to become the bank with the best customer service for business customers and related private persons in the Baltic countries.

In order to achieve this goal, we have worked on Danske Bank’s new customer servicing platform for all Baltic countries for the past two years. Some of the improvements will become available in Latvia as early as in July this year. All benefits will be available next year, when all three Danske Bank Baltic branches will start operating on the new platform.

Migration to the new platform has also entailed several changes in our services, conditions of service and list of charges. Please be aware of the following:

- Changes and improvements in Danske Bank services for private individuals and legal persons beginning on 1 July 2017
- Changes in terms and conditions of Danske Bank services that will come in force on 1 July 2017
- Changes to the Danske Bank Pricelist for private individuals and legal persons that will come in force on 1 July 2017.

Important information
Please note that beginning on 3 July, you must add the prefix “LV” to your eBank user name. For example, if your user name is 0012345, then after 1 July it will change to LV0012345.

Availability of services during the technical upgrade
Because of the technical upgrade, there will be break in our eBank service from the evening of 30 June 2017 until the morning of 3 July. More information about breaks our eBank service and other services will be available on our website at least two weeks before the upgrade.

Additional information and assistance
If you have any questions about the changes described, please contact your relationship manager at the bank, call us on +371 67 959 599 or write to info@danskebank.lv.