Customer support

Contact centre’s informative phone +371 67 959 599
(business days from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm).

Calling on this phone number you will be able:

  • to receive detailed information about Danske Bank services for private persons and corporates
  • to get information about your account/-s balance and performed transfers
  • to find out currency exchange rates
  • to order cash
  • to order various references
  • to receive information about location and business hours of Customer service centre
  • to find out services commission fees
  • to agree about meeting with your Personal finance advisor
  • to use eBank users’ support:
    • receive information about eBank functionality and offered possibilities
    • get assistance in eBank usage
    • receive information about transfers performed via eBank
    • block access to eBank
    • renew or change eBank password

Payment cards support +371 67 959 599
(business days from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm).

Calling on the card support phone you can:

  • receive information about payment cards offered by Danske Bank and their features
  • get information about performed transactions with payment card
  • find out payment card account balance
  • block your payment card
  • get information about repayment of credit card negative balance

If you need any help with payment cards or you want inform us about stolen or lost E-Bank authorization tools after Contact centre’s work time, please, call First Data Latvia support service

+371 67092555

Call us – we will help you.

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