Cash Management

Cash flow and liquidity management, overview and control, sharp processes.

We offer you high quality Cash Management expertise together with flexible liquidity management solutions and local services. We work with you to establish the key aspects of your financial value chain by evaluating how they work today and looking at how they will work in the future. We support you in making the right decisions, and enable you to benchmark your financial processes against the best-in-class.

Financial strength
We can help you increase your financial strength by optimizing your account structure & liquidity management. It reduces the need for external financing and improves your business key ratios.

Overview and control
Our solutions give you a real-time overview of your company's liquidity across any affiliated companies, currencies and borders. You can also handle your company's risk with cash collection as well as by managing internal loans and account balances.

Sharp processes
Our solutions can be built on your company's existing IT infrastructure and tailored to suit your business needs. That way, you can outsource tasks to us, such as internal handling of the balance. And we can help improve processes so that you can optimize risk management for your business.

Strategic advice and digital solutions
We can offer strategic advice on liquidity management and you can choose to move money between your company accounts or let us do it automatically. Finally, we can give you complete real-time account information via our professional eBanking feature and through other digital channels.

Below you can read about some of our liquidity management solutions. We have specialized solutions beyond those you can see here, and we can also create a tailor made solution for your business.

Let's put your business in the best position and help your business to grow!

Different ways of managing liquidity

  • Real-time overview

    Real-time overview

    If you use our eBanking solution, you can get a real-time overview of your account. This can help you manage your liquidity.
  • Payments and collections

    Payments and collections

    To achieve increased efficiency for processes related to daily and routine payments, use the potential of the Danske eBank to import payment files directly from your company’s accounting program. Additionally, you may configure an electronic service between the ERP system of the company and the bank where data is exchanged automatically between customer and bank servers.
  • Balancing


    Balancing means that we automatically transfer funds from selected accounts to a single account. That way you can keep your liquidity in one place.
  • Cash Pool

    Cash Pool

    This solution provides you with an overview of your Group's liquidity and allows you to manage credit limits and interest rates for your Group companies. It provides access to net liquidity and interest rate optimization with the option of expanded risk management with internal credit limits. We can offer a variety of cash pool solutions, contact us to find out more.
  • Foreign bank account management

    Foreign bank account management

    This service enables you to manage your accounts with foreign banks. For example, you can forward requests for transfer to be executed through your foreign bank account and order the respective account statements and transaction reports.

Advisory services

Cash Management Optimisation

Cash management optimisation allows your company to have an objective overview of the management of cash flow and liquidity. The service focuses on describing the company’s internal business processes and helps you find ways to optimise them.

CMO creates value as it frees up resources and reduces expenses:

  • Daily optimised payment services and rational administration free up additional financial resources
  • Elaborate control mechanisms for receivables reduce your company’s need for loans and interest charges

Working Capital Management

We offer an interactive way to evaluate the working capital management of your company, provide an overview of unused opportunities and give recommendations to improve the situation.

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