Important Information for Investors MiFID II

MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) is an EU directive taking effect on 1 November 2007. The aim is to ensure uniform rules for trading in financial instruments. The rules are based on principles of higher investor protection, increased transparency and a single regulatory regime across the EU member states, and, therefore, they support an improved single market for financial services. The directive affects financial institutions' trading in financial instruments, including advisory services and product development, as well as securities brokerage and asset management.


We will be implementing a series of changes in the investment area during the period until 3 January 2018. The changes are caused by new EU regulation (MiFID II) introduced to ensure a more transparent investment market and better investor protection.

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Important Information

  • Cost and Charges

    Costs and Charges

      As a customer, you should be informed about the cost and charges before entering a financial contract with Danske Bank. 

      Following MIFID II regulation, we must inform you about the cost and charges related to both the financial instrument and to the investment service provided.

      Below you can find:

      - Cost handbook for equities, bonds and fund units and;

      - Link to cost information for FX-products and derivatives;

      Please note that the examples are generic, and your specific cost and charges may vary from the example shown. If you want to know the exact cost and charges related to a specific trade you consider entering, please contact Danske Bank.

      - Equities, bonds and fund units cost handbook (pdf)

      - Fx-products and derivatives cost overview

      Eligible counterparties can find information about costs and charges from here.

    • Systematic Internalisers

      Going forward, Danske Bank will continuously communicate our SI status on this webpage.

      Systematic Internalisers (SIs) are investment firms that on a frequent, systematic and substantial basis execute client orders on own account, outside of trading venues.

      The SI regime comes into force 3 January 2018. From this date, investment firms can choose to become an SI in a given financial instrument or group of financial instruments.

      As of 1 September 2018, investment firms will be mandatorily classified as an SI in those financial instruments which they have traded frequently, systematically and substantially. The SI status will be evaluated continuously in terms of business needs and regulatory requirements.

      Danske Bank as SI
      Danske Bank will ‘opt in’ as Systematic Internaliser, starting 3 January 2018 under the MIC code ‘DASI’. By doing so, we will have certain obligations to provide quotes to clients and make these quotes public. We will also handle post trade publication to help clients navigate through the new transparency regimes. 

      We will serve customers as SI in ToTV instruments in the below asset categories:

      • Nordic Equities
      • Bonds
      • Fixed income derivatives
      • FX instruments

      See details in attached document.

      How does Danske Bank handle pre and post trade publication?
      Danske Bank will use an Approved Publication Arrangement (APA) for pre and post trade publication. For pre trade publication, we will use BATS for equity and Trax for non-equity. For post trade publication, we will use Nasdaq and Trax.

      Access to Danske Bank SI quotes you can find under links bellow: