Important notice to customers

In February 2019, Danske Bank Group took decision to close down the banking activities in the Baltic countries.

These changes will affect all customers of Danske Bank Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
You can read more about this change in Danske Bank’s stock announcement.

We will continue servicing as usual until further arrangements are in place

The duration of the close down period will be individual for each market, however, we expect all our banking activities in the Baltics to be terminated within the next 12 months.

How does this affect your customer relationship?

  • Termination of contracts with private individuals
    During the last months we have been in contact with you regarding termination of contracts and agreements concluded with Danske Bank. Yesterday’s announcement does not change the course or the content of it. Please be reassured that we will fulfil all our obligations that we have to you as our customer and we will pursue our previous agreements with you.

    Your credit agreements will continue to be supported as communicated previously.
  • You will be informed well in advance
    Over the next few weeks, we will contact all affected customers to clarify the impact this decision will have on each product or service you currently hold with us in the Baltic markets.

Credit servicing

  • Credit servicing account

    If your account in Danske Bank has been closed or it will be closed during the next couple of months, and if you have a valid credit agreement, you should transfer all your payments to the special Credit servicing account.

    What should you know?

    • If your credit repayments have so far been conducted via your bank account, you will now have to pay them via the Credit servicing account.
    • The account number for the Credit servicing account was provided to you in a letter. You can also see this number in Danske eBank.
    • This account belongs to the Danske Bank and it is in the name of the bank. The only intended purpose of use of this account is to service the credit agreement(s) concluded with you. The Credit servicing account is opened for credit repayment purpose only. The account is not intended for money depositing or other daily banking services.
    • All obligations of the credit agreements, e.g. principal payments, interest payments, commitment fees, payments under the lease agreement, repayments of the used credit limit of the credit cards and related fees, possible fees, fines for delay etc. should from now on be paid to the Credit servicing account.
      Beneficiary: Danske Bank A/S Latvia Branch.
      Account number: the Credit servicing account number that was sent to you.
      Payment details: (for example) Fulfilment of credit agreement.
      The payment has no reference number and an e-invoice cannot be ordered.
    • Please make the payments to the Credit servicing account according to the credit agreement repayment schedule and actual contractual payment obligation.
    • The payments received to the Credit servicing account are considered as performance of the credit agreement payment obligation according to the dates provided for in the credit agreement payment schedule (not when the payment arrives to that account). In case of several obligations, the payments will be debited according to the sequence of their contractual performance.
    • The bank has the right to return partial or full payment made to the Credit servicing account, if the bank considers it not to meet the purpose of performing the credit agreement (for example if the overpaid amount is significantly larger than it is needed for a few next regular payments).
    • If you have the valid electronic services agreement, you will find information on the credit agreement(s), notifications on changes in base interest and schedules of valid interest period from Danske eBank. It is also possible to view the Credit servicing account and the payments made through it in Danske eBank. If you do not have a valid electronic services agreement, you will continue to receive information via e-mail or mail.
      If you do not have an access to Danske eBank, please contact the bank for the agreement.
    • The credit agreements or collateral agreements may provide obligations about owing the current account in Danske Bank. The bank confirms that from now on all such obligations are void and there is no need to perform these obligations.

    What should you do?

    • Please follow the credit agreement payment obligations and the deadlines closely.
    • We recommend making the necessary payment one weekday before the deadline of the payment obligation. Thus you will avoid possible misunderstandings with the delay in arrival of the payment, emergence of arrears and calculation of default interests.

    Please contact the bank if:

    • The contractual loan has not been fully paid to you and you wish to receive the payment of the loan amount.
    • If you want to perform the credit agreement earlier. Otherwise, the bank may find that the sum transferred to the Credit servicing account is not necessary for the performance of current payment obligations. Hence the bank may return this sum to the payer.
    • Your credit agreement will soon be expiring and you have to agree on the next steps for deleting the pledge (e.g. deleting the mortgage or commercial pledge).

Transfer and termination of services

  • Closing a current account

    All of the bank's services and agreements are tied to your current account. Once your current account is closed, you can no longer use the bank cards connected with closed account.

    A current account cannot be closed if you have:

    • an outstanding amount due to the Bank or third parties for services connected to the account.


    If you have decided to transfer your everyday banking agreements and services to another bank, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

    • Please contact us if you wish to amend your loan or lease contract.
    • If you have an existing loan or lease contract with Danske Bank, we recommend that you maintain your Danske Bank electronic services agreement, since it can be of use when exchanging information about loans or leases (among other things).


     If you have transferred your everyday bank services to another bank, we ask that you submit to us an application to close your current account.

    You can do this:

    • by submitting a free-format application via the Danske eBank;
    • by e-mailing a digitally signed application form to;
    • at Danske Bank Business Centre; 

    The Bank will close your current account within 15 banking days of receiving your application. We will contact you if we have any questions.

    Please make sure to notify the following parties if you change your current account number:

    • your employer;
    • the State Social Insurance Agency (VSAA) (if you receive state benefits or compensation).
    • Please use your new account number when filling in your next income tax return.

    General conditions (PDF)
    Standard terms and conditions of the current account agreement (PDF)
    Depositor information sheet (PDF)
    Danske Bank Privacy Notice (PDF)
    Questionnaire for Individuals (PDF)

  • Termination of loan and lease contracts

    The transfer of loan or lease contracts means that you terminate your contract with Danske Bank and enter into a new one with another bank under its terms and conditions.

    • In order to repay a loan or real estate lease prematurely, we kindly ask you to submit a respective application at least three banking days before the designated repayment date.
    • Premature repayment is subject to a premature repayment fee as specified in the contract.

    Please note: A loan or lease contract is considered to be terminated once all of the associated obligations have been met.

    In order to apply for premature termination of a credit agreement, we kindly ask you to:

    • submit a free-format application via the Danske eBank;
    • e-mail your wish to or to your Advisor; or
    • submit the application at Danske Bank Business Centre.